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Billing & Payments

Manage student Tuition Logs for your child care center with automated recurring billing. Process payments by ACH or credit card with the LOWEST fees in the industry. Parents can easily check the balance of their account in their daycare app.
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Family Communication

Replace paper notes with live digital messaging. Daily Sheets are a snap with our child care app thanks to group tagging - quicker than paper and pen. LifeCubby includes required forms, such as Incident Reports and Attendance.
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Progress & Assessments

Detailed assessments and observations help teachers with intentional, customized Lesson Planning. LifeCubby's organized student portfolios are easy for teachers to maintain through our child care management software app on tablets or iPads.
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Share Photos & Videos

Teachers can capture all the learning moments for families, and tag learning domains for evidentiary linking and send them to parents through our daycare software. Families LOVE seeing photos and videos from school.
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Meal Tracking & CACFP

Teachers log breakfast, lunches, snacks, baby food, and bottles for the families using LifeCubby - and it's all tallied for your CACFP reporting.
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Lesson Plans & Calendars

Keep families and teachers up-to-date on future activities using LifeCubby's Calendar and Lesson Planner. Events can have auto-repeats and lesson activities can be tagged for learning domains - a feature unique to our daycare management software.
How can LIFECUBBY's child care app help my center and families?
Check-In & Check-Out Station
Check-In &
Check-Out Station
Observation and Progress Tracking
Observation and
Progress Tracking
Post Activities, Meals, Calendars, & Share Photos
Post Activities, Meals,
& Share Photos
Handles Attendance, Billing, Payments, and Accounting
Handle Attendance, Billing,
Payments, and Accounting
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0-15 Students $30.00
16-30 Students $60.00
31-60 Students $100.00
61-100 Students $150.00
101-125 Students $185.00
126-150 Students $215.00
151-200 Students $285.00
201-250 Students $350.00
251+ Students Custom Pricing
Subscription rates are subject to change. All prices USD/Month.
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LIFECUBBY IS the leader in preschool management software!
LIFECUBBY is QRIS aligned to ITERS-R and ECERS-R rating system

LIFECUBBY is award winning, here are just a few! The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved, Mom's Choice Awards, Family Friendly Site, IT Community Choice Award, the State of California Department of Education, the National AfterSchool Association, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
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We started using LifeCubby back in 2015, and it has dramatically helped our teachers be more organized! Documentation is easier, and communications with families is much improved. Thank you LifeCubby!