Childcare Portfolios

With LifeCubby, you can finally build on-line portfolios for your children and students! It's so easy to get started.

Why should we do daycare portfolios?

First of all, if your daycare program hasn't already been doing portfolios for your students, perhaps you need more data about why and how to do daycare portfolios. Research shows that daycare portfolios are an excellent way to track student data and communicate developmental milestones to parents.

What goes into a childcare portfolio?

Generally, childcare portfolios contain the following 3 types of items:
  • A collection of the student's work (artwork, early writing samples, math worksheets, etc.)
  • 1 assessment per parent-teacher conference
  • A collection of 'developmental journal entries' (or sometimes they're called 'observations') posted by the teachers. These entries categorize activities into developmental groupings for items such as math, social, science, language, motor, etc.
In many programs, teachers are required to generate at least 2 observations per developmental category per student per parent-teacher conference. If your program does parent-teacher conferences twice per year, that's a total minimum of 4 observations per developmental category per student per year. Let's say you use 10 of the developmental categories, then that's 40 observations (minimum) per year per student. That may sound like a lot of documentation for a teacher with a class of 10 students, but it is increasingly the norm - especially for programs that choose to pursue a national accreditation of some kind.

Check out some online articles that encourage the use of portfolios in your program:

What about the cost?

OK, so now you should be convinced that childcare portfolios are increasingly the standard in early childhood programs! But you might be thinking, "how can we afford to spend the time and money on portfolios?" Well, we have a couple of answers to that question.

Affordability #1: What a huge benefit to your parents it will be when you show them how you're using LifeCubby! They will love all the parent tools! Today's younger parents are looking for 'cool tools!' Can you see an enrollment advantage?

Affordability #2: If you're already creating paper portfolios, using the LifeCubby mobile app to upload photos and documentation on the go will be a huge time saver!

Affordability #3: If you're using LifeCubby instead of paper portfolios, you'll save $$ on binders, color ink cartridges, photo paper, and card stock or paper!

Affordability #4: Many programs are charging an Annual Portfolio Fee per student as a part of your regular tuition and fees. You use this fee to compensate your program for a portion of your costs in the ongoing compilation of the student's portfolio plus your assessments plus your parent-teacher conferences.

What about on-line security?

LifeCubby is committed to protecting the safety and security of children! We use bank level data encryption technology in order to keep the site secure against any unlawful intrusions. In addition, if it would make your parents more comfortable, why not just identify cubbys with each student's first name and last initial? It isn't necessary to input a full last name for your students.

For more information on Security, please review our Security Page.

What do I do next?

OK, so now you should be convinced that you CAN and SHOULD be doing portfolios using LifeCubby! What are the next steps?
  1. We've posted a sample Permission Slip that you are welcome to use.
  2. We recommend that you add a LifeCubby permission statement to your Application Form and your Annual Renewal Form at your program.
  3. Create each of your classrooms in LifeCubby.
  4. Create cubbies for each of your students.
  5. Enter the parent's email address and it sends them an email notice to join LifeCubby and link to their child's cubby.
  6. For quick mobile uploading in the classroom, download the FREE "LifeCubby Development Journal" app to your iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone or Android tablet.
As always, we'd love to receive your feedback. Please use the Contact Us form to let us know if you have any problems, questions, or comments about LifeCubby!


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